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Resources which are not fully tapped are known as potential resources.they needdetailed survey for there use. actual resources are fully taped and theirquantities are confirmed .there optimum utilization depends upon the developmentof the technology
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Actual resources are also known as developed resources(actual resources of lignite in naively is know , because these are the resources which
are ready to be used). These are well assessed for their quality and quantity

Potential resources are those whose entire quantity may not be known and these are not being
used at present. These resources could be used in the future. The resources which are yet to be
explored and which can only be assessed for their use are called potential resources(like mineral resource in lunar<moon> for Uranium is not known)   

1./ we can calculate how much resources is left(ready to use)by this v can workout the plan for future expansion  . 
2./ by know what r the resources available, like gold,fossil fuel, gypsum etc. using this data v  plan to import r export the material 
3./by  knowing the blue print  data , v can asset the country's growth in upcoming fiscal period .
4./ for the country to move on,it needs necessary commodity ,potential resources has to taken in consideration because  new technology helps in stabling the use of actual resource .   
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