A bird is tossing (flying to and fro) between two cars moving towards each other on a straight road. One car has a speed of 18 m/h while the other has the speed of 27km/h. The bird starts moving from first car towards the other and is moving with the speed of 36km/h and when the two cars were separted by 36 km. What is the total distance covered by the bird? What is the total displacement of the bird?



Let time taken for both cars to meet each other be x hours
So, 18x + 27x = 36
or, 45x = 36
or, x = 0.8

So, total distance covered by car with speed 18 km/hr = 18 x 0.8 km = 14.4 km
So, displacement of bird = 14.4 km.
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