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Vitamine is such nutrient from which u will get very less amount of energy. However it's very important constituents in diet. They produces anti oxidents. They produces several enzymes in your body. They plays a major role in electron transport chain. They have several other roles such as development of R.B.C. major component of blood(vitamin b 12 & folic acid). Vitamin A helps to form rodopsine deficiency of this may leads to night blindness. However, majority of population are sacred of this vitamin deficiency and starts taking too much amount of vitamin , and now they will suffer from hypervitaminosis. Vitamin are of two types water soluble and fat soluble. Fat soluble(vit A,D,E,K) has their store in body. Excessive taking of this may produce adverse effect. Where water solubles(vit b1,b2,b3,b6, biotin etc. except vit B12) does not store and excrect with urine. Finally i would like to say don't fall in trap of vitamin B complex . As some doctors prescribe for their own profit. Vit B complex are required very less amount in body and some are produced by bacteria in your body.

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Vitamins are  essential in diet because they prevent diseases such as rickets,osteomalacia,scurvy.Vitami D promotes absorption of calcium and phosphourous compunds from intestines and enables the body to use these in formation of teeth and bone.
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