According to this scene, were Salerio and Salanio’s report about Shylock’s
reaction to Jessica’s escape correct How has this affected your opinion of those two
characters? How has the reaction you actually see from Shylock affected your
opinion of him?

name the scene please
act 3 scene 1


Salerio and Salanio says that her escape was right as they say if a devil will judge her she will be punished and she is completely different from her father Shylock who is cruel towards christians. They say that Jessica and Shylock are completely different from each other like coal from ivory.
This affected my reaction towards those two characters as they were criticising him for being cruel towards her daughter and christians. 
The reaction of Shylock affected my reaction even more as he was happy on hearing about the loss of Antonio which was a real cruelty.