An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Ayushi is an honest person.
My grandmother tells me a story every night.
Computer has become the necessity of life.
Our chemistry teacher is a very talented.
Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of the India.
USA is a very sophisticated (highly developed) country.
My mother is the most caring and loving person in my family.
Our school has a very big campus( or canteen).
Science is a subject of my interest.

Punctuation marks....
Hurray! Our school won the match.
Grandmother, dinner is ready.
Can we go for a movie tomorrow?
Alas! He is no more.
'Two Gentle men of Verona' is a very good story.
You were behind me, weren't you?
My mother cooks very delicious food.
Children, lets move to other chapter.
Mom,can i get a glass of water.
The party, held yesterday, was awesome.
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