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There are a variety of options that i would have to pick from. and i'm prety sure this is the same 4 a lot of films crazy fans! could also be u!!!!(or maybe not)::::::>
           i would come of to say 'knight and day'. this is a action comedy film staring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz(she can get really H.O.T!!(there no bad parts!))they make a great on-screen couple and have acted amazingly.This gets very interesting and would make anyone tooo reluctant to just get their eyes off the screen! the photography, plot,dress and editing are just 222222222 perfect! this is a U rated film and can be enjoyed by all category!
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I have seen recently a film named Main tera hero in which Varun Dhawan, Illeana D' Cruz and Nargis Fakhri have played the lead role. The movie was comedy + action movie which has great songs. It was very interesting, funny and exciting movie which attracts viewer very attentively to it.
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