1)magnets are used in electrical bell
2)in magnetic compass
3)in mag live trains
4)used in refrigerator to keep the door closed
5)it is used in tv and computer screen
6)used to separate magnetic and non-magnetic substance
7)magnets are used incranes
8)used in speakers which converts the electrical energy into sound energy
9)magnets are used in tape recorders and telephones
10)used in electrical motors and generators which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy

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There are 2 types of magnet <natural magnet/electromagnet>
electromagnet: passing a current on wire coiled around the metal -produce magnet -▼this type of magnet is used in every aspect of instrument eg calling bell/Breaker switch/electric motor which induce rotor to rotate<ceiling fan>
in heavy industry magnets play a vital role like separating iron in recycle  
/MRI scanner use magnet by resonating /used in computer /
/some types of Metal detector  <used to detect explosive,except plastic explosive>/ In   
where as natural magnet used small shot life span equipment like speaker/toy motors<used in tape recorder >magnetic compass/
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