I hope my ideas would be helpful to u..


Previously the full earth was covered with with water and no creatures were there but now everything is there on the earth. the most important thing is that earth supports life. water is essential for living organisms. A human cannot survive without water and a fact should be known that almost 70% of the humans body is water. many gases present in the atmosphere are also formed from the water only. so instead of wasting water we should preserve it and understand the importance..

I think its true for every people in their lives who have water storage tanks(almost 500L-1000L)inroof tops and water is to be fetched with motor or any pumping machine, by chance if electricity is gone and tank is empty then what will u do at that time. most of the people suffer during this condition and many may need to buy water.

so save water save life...
Because the life comes only once and live it to the fullest..

thank you..
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