A mirror whose polished, reflecting surface is a part ofa hollow sphere of glass is called a spherical mirror. For a spherical mirror, one of the two curved surfaces is coated with a thin layer of silver followed by a coating of red lead oxide paint. Thus, one side of the spherical mirror is made opaque, and the other side acts as a reflecting syrface. The opaque side of a mirror is shown shaded.
Depending upon the nature of the reflecting surface of the mirror, the spherical mirrors may be classified as -
.Concave mirrors
.Convex mirror.

The first mirror used by the ancient people were dark,still water collected in a primitive vessle.
The earliest manufacturing spherical mirrors were polished obsidian stones.The obsidian are naturly formed volcanic glass.
A spherical mirror is a mirror which has the shape of a piece cut out of a spherical surface. There are two types of spherical mirrors: concave, and convex.examples of concave mirrors are shaving mirrors and makeup mirrors. As is well-known, these types of mirrors magnify objects placed close to them.convex mirrors are the passenger-side wing mirrors of cars. These type of mirrors have wider fields of view than equivalent flat mirrors, but objects which appear in them generally look smaller ( than they actually ..The first mirrors used by people were most likely pools of dark, still water, Mirrors are manufactured by applying a reflective coating to a suitable substrate.The earliest manufactured mirrors were pieces of polished stone such as obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass. Examples of obsidian mirrors found in Anatolia..........