Yes i have read the full novel and watched movie also its very heart touching story at the end. Its a story about a girl namely Anne Frank Who wanted to do everything in her life and wants to be a women she was separated by her family in the camp and through scarcity of food her family died accept her father.She usually loves to write diary. the diary was gifted by her father. she loving his father at most in his family. the fountain pen was given by her grandmother. after her death . the father published her written notes and became popular...

thank u

THis is a remarkeble book. Written by Anne Frank ----when she was a young girl.It is one of the wisest stories and most commentaries on war and it's impact of human beings that  i ever had. Anne's diary is an approprite monument to fine spirit and to the spirits of those who have worked and working still for peace.It is one of the most renowned and most discussed jewish victims of the holocaust.Anne wrote all her feelings and how she spended the day, in that diary, which she got in her birthday and named it kitty.
Reading it is rich amd rewarding experiece. You must read it.
thnqq..i hv read half of it yet....i'll complete it soon
I think u should watch that movie also it will be helpfull