I am telling you about how to save the environment.

do water conservation.

do not cut trees.

use CNG gas.

use led lights.

do not burst crackers.

do not use plastic bags.

grow plants and trees.

use cycles instead of cars.

throw the garbage into the dustbin.

do not pollute the lakes 

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10 best point to save environment
1 we should not cut the trees 
2 we should not drink ciggreats
3 we should stop people for making factories 
4 we should tell the people about global warming
5 we should not leave water without any treatment
6 we should not use polythene bags and give preference to paper bags
7 we should take care off that people should dispose material inn right place 
8 we should reduce the use of ac's 
9 we should not burn the things (such as polythene,cans because it leaves harmful gases)
10 we should never throw plastic bags in the river because it pollutes the river
                                                                                                                  i wish it may help u