Life without gadgets can be simply miserable!
we cannot think of a day without gadgets or electronic devices. Our day starts with a bell of digital alarm clock  and the word 'digital travels with us -- wherever we go and whatever we do. 
These electronic devices have already left a huge impact on our lifestyles, nowadays every age group is using many types of gadgets. It is now practically impossible to live a life without the gadgets.
For example;
1.Cell phone lie at the center of our life; reminders,to-do's,messages,email-      everything can be tracked by a latest cell phone set.
2.Music lovers can buy a mobile phone with good sound quality,radio and enough memory to store all songs, ipods are also popular for music lovers these days.

 Imagine living in the eras of 1860's when there was no mobile, internet, laptops, tablets.... etc. Telling your friends about the next day pan was not that easy. Preparing notes by internet was not available to the people of that era.

So we can conclude that life without gadgets can be confused and also sometimes impossible.