B'4 domestication of cattle's and forming ....humans where nomadic s (they will go for hunting <every 1 is ,non vegetarian>   and regather  the food.and lived a pack(group of people) they always in constant moving due seasonal change and they follow the animals .
 Around some thousand years ago people in the Mesopotamia started settled  in river side and learned to   cultivation of plant. for heavy work they domesticated the animals to work in there field and also a food source for them.thus leads them in thinks which season is good for cultivation innovation  . how to store them--- . how to sell them(in old day's there is no money only trade market) thus makes them social and civilized 
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It allowed them to have a food surplus. 

In general, domesticated plants and animals provide a food surplus, enabling human population growth. 

Two early examples of domestication were dogs and sheep, which enabled human societies to become pastoral, but some early societies domesticated plants without developing pastoral activity. Furthermore, the ability to create a food surplus is vital to societal advancement, while pastoral activities are not essential.