the word holiday , when heard by us gives us a lot of joy and excitement.holidays are also known as vacations.we students get mainly three vacations throughout the year.namely-summer vacations , puja vacations and winter vacation.after studying hard for a long period of time , we all feel like having a break to relax ourselves.  
                       my summer holidays  of last year was an enjoyable one.i went to my cousins house where i had spent around one week.actually my holiday was a long one of one whole month.i had a lot of fun there .i got a chance to see the city of azamgarh .my cousin showed be the important and famous places along with her friends.
                        i came back to kolkata as my mother wanted to visit my grandmother's house along with me.we all went to my granny's home and enjoyed ourselves for about 2 holidays were about to finish as only one week was left.i studied a lot in this one week as my first terminal examinations began just after the vacations.
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Good way to spend holiday to go any of best hill station with family or friend and enjoy very much. have the nice climate .