On a visit to the United States Of America (USA) on a student's exchange programme, you are staying wiht an American family. Write a letter to your mother
telling her how life in the USA is different from life in India. ( You could refer to th differences in cultre,eating habits, school, and lifestyle.) Do not exceed 150 words.



                                                                                                 Hyderabad,                                                                                                       27-may-2015                                       
Dear mother,
          I have received your letter just now. In your letter you have wanted to know about my life with american family. Now I am giving you a short description of my usa .You will be very glad to know that I have been allotted a big and spacious room. I am lucky to get this single room accommodation. The room is well ventilated. Sufficient light and air enter in my room.The food served at lunch and dinner is reasonably good. Besides, I enjoy heavy breakfast and evening tea. But the best thing to appreciate is the love and care which we get from our friends superintendent. I have been studying very hard. You need not be worried about me..
Thanking you

Yours lovingly,