These are the forms of 'power sharing' -

i) Power sharing among different organs of the government. - Power is shared among the organs of government, that is Legislature , Executive and Judiciary.
Its also known as vertical power sharing.
India too uses this form as the system of check and balances.

ii) Power sharing among different levels of government - Power is shared among the levels government, that is Union , State and Local.
We are a federal country and this structure of power sharing in government is very relevant in India.

iii) Power sharing among various ethnic and social groups in a country. Such an example is the community government of Belgium.
India too has examples of such power sharing, organisations like 'Shanti Sang' and 'Being secular' are some of them.

iv) Power sharing among pressure groups and political parties or others those who influence and control the government.
Coalition governments are a good example. 
One such instance - the coalition government of 1999 to 2004 between the Bhartiya Janta Party led NDA.