Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of verb given in the bracket :

“__________ you _________ (see) Akshay Kumar’s latest movie ?” Yes I _________ (see) it . I _________ (see) all his movies.”

“_________ they ________ (finish) painting the home?” “No they haven’t, they _______ (paint) just one room so far.”

Paul _______(offer) Bill a cheese sandwich . Bill said , “No thank you , I _________ (have) my breakfast” .

Miss Prism ________ (reach) office late again . “You _______ (come) late to office for the fourth time this week, her boss __________ (shout) at her”.

“Look I _________ (buy) all the chocolates the shopkeeper ________ (have)”.

“__________ you __________(get) the message that I __________(send) you last night?”

“When __________ you __________(leave) your previous school?” “Last week and now I __________ (join) St. Mary’s”.

“__________you ever __________(fly) an aircraft before ?” “No sir”.

“What ________ you __________(d) in your last posting then?”



1) Did, saw, have seen, have seen

2)Did, had, had painted

3)Offered, had

4)reached, have came, was shouting

5)bought, had

6)have, got, sented

7)did, left, have joined

8)have, flown

1.  did, saw, have seen, have seen
2.  did, had, had painted
3.  offered, had
4.  reached, have came, was shouting
5.  bought, had
6.  have, got, sended
7.  did, left, have joined
8.  have, flown
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