The tour of heritage buildings in the Indian state of Gujarat which were affected by the Bhuj earthquake of 26th January 2001. After a general introduction to the earthquake and its effects, a description is given of the damage suffered by princely palaces and religious buildings in Bhuj, JamNagar, Wankaner, Morbi, Maliya, Halvad, Dranghedra and Ahmadabad.Earthquakes are natural phenomena which are yet to be fully understood. The paper closes with conclusions and recommendations concerning the repair and maintenance of heritage buildings in Gujarat, and some observations on how the seismic response of massive masonry structures differs from that of engineered structures in reinforced concrete or steel. A modified version of this paper will be published in the EEFIT general report on the Bhuj earthquake.Bhuj's museum - in the 500-year old walled city area, which was destroyed - was the largest in the area and a treasure house of ancient artefacts dating back to medieval times, when the desert city was a bustling stopover on the prosperous trade route between India and the West.....................

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