Cells are complex and highly organizedThey contain numerous internal structuresSome are membrane bound (organelles) while others do notCells can perform a variety of chemical reactionsTransform simple organic molecules into complex molecules (anabolism)Breakdown complex molecules to release energy (catabolism)Metabolism = all reactions performed by cellsCells can regulate activitiesCells control DNA synthesis and cell divisionGene regulation - cells make specific proteins only when neededTurn on and off metabolic pathwaysCells all contain the following structures:Plasma membrane - separates the cell from the external environmentCytoplasm - fluid-filled cell interiorNuclear material - genetic information stored as DNA
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All living organisms wheather plants and animals, are made up of cells which serve as the units of structure and function.Any function performed by an organism is ultimately the outcome of the activity of the cells only.A cell is the smallest part of an organism which is able to carry out all the basic functions of life ---- growth, metabolism and reproduction.Every organ of our body and every part of a plant is made up of thousands of cells.A cell, therefore, is the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms.
we can also say, cells are the building blocks og plants and animals.A cell is capable of independent existence and performs all the basic functions of life.Many cells together form a tissue and many tissues together form an organ. The organs together work as a system and form an organism.
Cells are honey-comb like structures.
Cell is a unit of function as all the metabolic reactions take place incide its nucleus.Cells are measured in micrometres.
A generalized cell consists of 3 essential parts-------- cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.
It has cell organelles(living parts of cell) which carry out specific functions.They are --- Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes, Mitochondria, plastids(in plants), golgi apparatus,and lysosomes.

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