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Here is a phase "good deeds and bad deeds always comes back".a person who does something good by knowing that their is no benefit is a real human being.this person may not be rewarded by human but this person will surely be blessed and rewarded by god.this person will be successful may be when the person is alive or passed away.

they are such person that are never forgotten .so always be good as you will be definitely be rewarded.our character also depends on our actions and deeds.when we do good work , people think that we are a kind person and have a good character.people always tends to help us in return as as a fact , good deeds reflect good character.
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Good deeds reflect good characters. As a person is known by the works which he does. If the person will help someone he will be called good whereas if a person doesn't do good works people make a criteria in their mind that he might not be good. So, we should do good works not only for people to think better for us but to help other. If we will help other it will put a good impression on other and they will be happy for our work.
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