85/F, Dr. Sudhir Basu Road ,
                                                                 kolkata - 700 025
                                                                 26 th may , 2015.

Dear Sanyukta , 
                       hope you are well by the grace of god.we have not met each other for long.say hello to aunt and uncle and even your sweet sister.actually i got your letter yesterday in which you mentioned that you came 2nd in your class.congratulations for that and wish you better luck for next year.
                      my summer vacations will be starting from the next week.i want you to come to my house during this vacation so that we can enjoy ourselves.i have already taken permission from my parents and now its your turn to take permission from your parents.i am sure that they wont say no to planning for this vacation is solely dependent on you.i have decided to do many exciting things when you will come here.i am sure that we will have great fun together.
                   convey my regards.i will now end my letter here.hope to receive your reply soon.
                                                                                           your loving , 
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                                                                            vittala nagar,waghbil naka,
                                                                                g.b road,thane(west)
dear Shalmali,
                     hi! how r u? hope you r fine ,i am fine too. well i really wanna know if u have any plans for vacations,because my mom said that if i want i could bring one of my friend to go for a summer camp and it is a hiking camp .the one who climbs the mountain first wins a gold medal!

                     now i know you love this idea.give my greetings to uncle and aunty.
i will be waiting for your reply.

yours friendly,