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Let's take a couple of random renewable resources, like wind, food and timber. 

When we take a look at those three examples we will be able to instantly grasp that there's a difference between the first one and the latter two. How so? 

We could easily group renewable resources into two different groups. Firstly, those resources which have to be harvested in some way, hence they need the so-called human factor in order to be used. We have to get them from the raw material the nature had given us. Secondly, those resources which themselves are the raw material and we cannot harness them, at this point of scientific development it's impossible to catch and store them. 

The first group will take in food and timber, whereas the second will end up with just wind inside. In general we can say that in case of the first group, even though it's renewable, the demand can outgrow the supply and we can abuse those resources to the point where their sources will become completely depleted. It is crucial then, to use the responsibly and not abuse them. To understand it better, think how long it takes for one tree to grow and think that it's used merely about 8000 pages of paper.

The second group is a bit different, we cannot use up the wind or the sun, because we're not able to fully grasp it and harvest it. We can use it for creating energy but that's just it, we do not command those resources. Taking that into consideration, we can easily say, that we cannot overuse them. 

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