Natural resources are naturally occurring resources

resources are classified into renewable and non renewable.
renewable are generally living resources(fish,forest etc)

non renewable resources that cannot be remade,regrown,regenerated.

resources are also classified on their origins such as biotic and abiotic.

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The natural resources are of multiple types. These are classified on the basis of chemical composition, abundance and availability and presence in the different parts of world.There are inorganic and organic resources. The inorganic resources include mainly air and water. The organic resources include mainly plants and animals. The mixed type that is inorganic and organic includes the soil. They are also classified as the inexhaustible and exhaustible resources. The inexhaustible resources are not exhausted by the use of man. It includes the air and sand. The exhaustible resources are exhausted by the use of man. It includes the renewable and non renewable resources. The renewable resources are replaced after being used by the humans. It includes the water, soil and organisms. The non renewable resources are not replaced after being used by the humans. It includes the fossil fuels and minerals. The forest and wild life are the renewable resources and has the ability to become non renewable. They are also classified as the natural, multi national and international resources. The natural resources occur within a country. It includes the minerals and lands. The multinational resources are shared by the few countries. It includes the rivers and lakes. The international resources are shared by all of the individuals. It includes the air and sunlight.There are multiple energy resources. It includes the fossil fuels, solar energy and different types of power like nuclear, wind and hydroelectric. The energy from garbage and geothermalis also a good source of energy.