Every person in this world is an intricate mixture of positive and negative characteristics. I too am no exception. There are some weaknesses in me that often obstruct my development-
i) Unconfident.
ii) Introvert.
iii) Underestimating myself.
iii) Hesitation.
As a student, these lacunae of my character sometimes bar my improvement. However I've devised some strategies which I hope will help me to overcome these weaknesses. 
I practice having confidence in oneself, earlier in classes I wasn't a active respondent not because I didn't know the answer but only cause I didn't have the confidence to state my answer. Now I try to chuck those feeling of uncertainty and answer, and they are mostly right. This practice has helped me to a certain extent.
Also in recent months I take part in a lot of co curricular activities. My parents, teacher and my friends support me. Coming forward in these co curricular activities need you to face audience, judges from the stage and undoubtedly its does a lot to boost my confidence and erases my introvert nature. 
After participating constantly in many competitions, both academic and co curricular , I have got some positions too. This  helps me have faith in myself. 
Its my firm belief that after a few more months of toil, I'll be able to overcome these defects in my character.
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