Which one of the following practices will NOT conserve LPG in your kitchen.
(a) Soaking the dal for some time before cooking it.
(b) Cooking food in a pressure cooker.
(c) Keeping the vegetables chopped before lighting the gas for cooking.
(d) Cooking food in an open pan kept on low flame.
NCERT Solutions for Class 8th Social Science Resourse and Development Chapter 3 Exercise 2(iv)



(D) Cooking food in an open pan kept on low flame.                 is the answer..............
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(b) cooking food in a pressure cooker
because due to the pressure and heat inside the cooker the food gets ready faster and thus saves ur LPG
(c) is also correct but does not save as much as b
so (b) is the correct option
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first see the question properly my frnd.
hey bro see the wikipedia first
Keep the pan closed whenever possible. - An open pan will allow heat to escape more rapidly than a closed pan would. Escaping steam too is a loss of heat. Trapping this steam inside the pan will allow cooking on a lower flame. copied point from wikipedia