Life in a mega city often involves activities which lead to a loss of bio diversity.
Recently in our area a new residential complex was to be constructed, but a problem had arose because the area proposed for construction had a ' massive ' , almost hundred year old banyan tree. This tree, besides being a great asset to the environment, was also the home of hundreds of birds, many of which were rare , exotic birds. I still remember how this very tree used to be my play house when I was a kid. Even today on those sizzling hot days, the shade of this tree used to be a paradise for the people out side.
How ever, in the name of local development and economic enhance, the Banyan tree had to cut.
There had been a really serious and huge loss of bio diversity in our environment. All those exotic birds have left for other areas now. Besides , that tree was the last 'banyan tree' in our locality.

We all need to join hands and prevent this - 
i) Firstly we need to reform the land use patterns to prevent habitat destruction.
ii) There's a immediate need for ' plans about careful land management ' .
iii) The government should fund for research on bio diversity and methods to prevent it.
iv) Launching policies which make us aware about bio diversity and the threats to it .
v) Local residents , especially in tribal areas should be involved to and made responsible for protecting the bio diversity of their own area. This way things will be more efficient. 
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