The farmers r commiting suicides in many states because the govt. Has increased the prices of seeds and for protecting the plants from pests....the farmers have to use pesticides and much more ..but they r unable to purchase these coz of higher prices ...dey go for loans ......wen rain doesn't fall ...den farmers will be pushed into a huge interest which he can't pay so many farmers commit suicides....... Hope this info. Helps u
Farmers collect loan from  the money lenders for the agricultural resources .this resources consists of seeds, ploughing tools eg.tractor  etc.,fertilisers  etc..when these material come of no use that is the crops the farmer grew were destroyed due to heavy rains or were not grown due to severe drought he won't be able to get the money to repay the loan to the money lender .this leads the farmer to commit suicide.  this is happening in several states off india