Everything has a specific heat. Specific is the measure of the heat energy required to increase the temperature of 1 kg of a substance by 1 degree Celsius or Kelvin. For example the specific heat of water(l) is 4220mJ/KG x K.

oiling the kettle for a nice cup of tea...requires the addition of Specific Heat to the water. 
Freezing water at 0°C for making iced drinks in the summer requires the removal of Specific Heat. 
(If colder ice is needed as in the freezer, then to cool the ice below 0°C, requires the removal of Latent Heat of freezing). 

Using the washing machine and dryer, or an electric iron for pressing and ironing.... 

Cooking the sunday lunch, or making cakes, etc..etc.. All need the addition of Specific Heat to increase the temperature and, where needed, the addition of Latent Heat to change the state (as in melting ice).

water melon taken out from refrigirator will be cool for 1hr it is because of specific heat capacity
But can u explain a little bit about 10 examples