Without sharing of power , a country can 't become a real democratic country.Power is generally not shared in those countries which are ruled by dictators.Everyperson will feel insecure and unaware of there fundamental rights in absence of democracy.Power sharing is also important because absolute power corrupts absolutely. In order for a democracy to take place the power must not be in the hands of one.Power sharing is desirable because of the following reasons:-
i) It helps to reduce the possibility of fight or struggle between social groups or communities.
ii) sharing of power is good way to ensure stability of politival order.
iii) Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy.
iv)There is a democratic rule also which involves sharing of power with those affected by its exercise, and those who have to live its effects.Hope this helps you !!!!!!!!!!!
There are many reasons to save energy, their relative importance being different to different people. Using less energy can have positive results ecologically, financially, and personally, and the very act of trying to reduce energy use increases an individual's awareness of the surrounding environment and the effect that we all have on it.