Rose Cottage,
27 may,2015
Dear David,
I am awfully sorry, I haven't written to you for a whole month now. I have the excuse that I have been totally immersed in the preparation for the final year examination. I have received your letter in which you sought my advice. You need not worry. sleep deprivation is a curable disease.

There are numerous remedies to overcome sleep deprivation. Firstly,you must eat right and healthy food. Try to do exercise in the morning and do not indulge in exercise before going to bed. You should do relaxation exercises like breathing,meditation and so on. It i s important to drink plenty of water. You should fix a bed time and follow it regularly. It's not a good habit to bring all your works home, try to do it in school. You must avoid unnecessary coaching classes. Finally, taking a glass of warm milk or chocolate may give you a sound sleep.

I'll finish now as I'm running out of space.
Yours affectionately
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