Answer: The elapsed time between the sighting of the flare by EIT (10:24 UT) and the beginning of the snow seen by LASCO (10:48 UT) is 10:48 UT – 10:24 UT = 24 minutes. The speed of the particles was about 147 million km/24 minutes or 6.1 million km/minute.
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If the speed of light is 300,000 km/sec, what percentage of light speed were the particles travelling?
Converting 6.1 million km/minute into km/sec we get 6,100,000 km/sec x (1 min /60 sec) or 102,000 kilometers/sec. Comparing this to the speed of light we see that the particles traveled at (102,000/300,000)x100% = 34% the speed of light is it right or not
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