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1st-Dadabhai Naroji:
1-He was among the early nationalists who believed in following a peaceful path of revolution.
2-They didnt follow the path of assertive nationalism and had faith in british govt.
1-The wanted to get freedom under the british rule.
2-Later on he supported the assertive nationalists and proposed the use of swadeshi and boycott in 1906 at Calcutta.
1-He believed in british sense of justice.
2-He believed that one day britishers wuld realize the real feelings of indians and grant them freedom.
1-Earlier he followed the path of peace but after the rise of Assertive nationalism he used the methods of swadeshi and boycott.
So here end Dada bhai naroji.
Other 2 are almost the same.
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So ok bal gangadhar tilak and lala lajpat rai:
The were the youth leaders of congress in early 90s. They were not happy with the way of attaining freedom followed by Early nationalists.
So they followed the path of Swadeshi and Boycott.
There aim was to reck the govt by following the path of passive resistance.
The organised lathi clubs to train the youth.
(See they were not violent methods these were assertive methods remember)
Then they wrote books and contributed in press.
Bal gangadhar was sent to jail he wrote 3 books:The Orion,The Arctic home to Vedas And the Gita Rehasya.
Lala ji published a magazine named young India and organised the home rule league in USA.
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