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The enzymes in our saliva, breaks the strach into sugar.The saliva moistens and lubricates the food, makes it soft sothat it is easily masticated and swallowed.The salivary amylase present in saliva hydrolyses atrach and glycogen into maltose and isomaltose, and enzyme maltose hydrolyses.
Therefore, saliva has a important role in our digestive system.
Because, if the saliva does'nt makes the food soft then, it can't be digested.
And the digestion would not be possible.
Vitamins are of two types---fat soluble and water soluble.
The water soluble vitamins are absorbed by the intestine along with water but are not stored in the body.
Vitamins are regulatory compounds of food.They regulate the metabolic reactions,like the digestive system. Therefore, vitamins plays an important role in our digestive system.

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