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Try to avoid river pollution is the primary concern of a responsible minimize use of harmful chemical substance coming from factories and spillage into our bodies of water makes our river dead. next the proper disposal of garbage into the rivers should be strictly prohibited and lastly the never ending campaign about the love and concern for our mother earth, to awaken us with this god given place that we live in. Every student should follow not cause river pollution. 
Students have an important role to create awareness to the general public, especially when it comes to pollution. It is needless to say that the resources of india especially it's water bodies are extremely polluted.students must abstain from polluting water and at the same time prevent other people from doing so.schools and colleges can conduct field trips for students to factories which send their wastes to rivers. This will help students understand the behavior of people towards nature.
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can you give some some more information?
We should not throw domestic wastes into the river.we should take bath and wash clothes in the should clean the chemical wastes before discharging it into the river ,wee create awareness among other people. i think this would help you 
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