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Several important human diseases are caused by different species of fungi. Aspergillus fumigatus and A. glaucus are responsible for the lung disease ‘aspergillosis.’ The disease ‘mycosis’ and ‘tokelan’ are caused by other species of Aspergillus. Several other animal and human diseases are caused by various fungi.
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This is harmfulness. Also i need usefulness of fungi
ok usefull prantika gives u
ok usefull prantika gives u........................
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The usefulness of fungi are :-
1)They are rich in proteins and vitamins.Hence, they are cultivated on commertial level for their nutritive value.(mushroom)
2)It cotains vitamins of b-group , e-group and 15 % proteins(food yeasts).
3)They are used to obtain antibiotics.
4)They are used in the synthesis of protein and fats.
5)They are used in the synthesis of vitamins and minerals
6)They are used in bakeries.(yeast)
7)They are used in cheese processings.
8)They are used to obtain organic acids in chemical industries.
9)They used to increase soil fertility.
10)Some fungi control and prevent spread of other disease causing bacteria.

The harmfulness of bacteria:-
1)They causes human disesses.
2)They causes plant diseases.
3)They are responsible for the spoilage of food.
4)They are responsible for tropical deterioration.

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