Its true global warming is caused more in developed countries because the developed countries will have more population and to satisfy the needs of greater population there would be more machines releasing CFCs and other harmful and poisonous the trees have to be cut for satisfying the needs....and hence pollution is there in developed countriescountriescountriescountries . Hope it helps u
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We all know that global warming is caused by increase in concentration of  carbondioxide present in the atmosphere. Increase in greenhouse gases leads to increase in global warming. Carbondioxide is one of the major greenhouse gases.
If carbondioxide increases, global warming also increases. Increase in global warming is caused by burning of inorganic matters and also some organic matters. The smokes emitted from industries and factories are also responsible for increase in global warming. Developed countries actually contains more factories and industries that releases more smoke. So increase in global warming is certainly more. However, both developed and developing countries are responsible for increase in global warming. But developed countries are more responsible for global warming.
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