find the displacement and distance of a circular track of radius 5cm and timetaken by it is 2min 30sec . while the body taken 30sec to complete 1 round.

can you plz check the question once ,i think some thing is wrong in it
yes, i have checked
I also think that something is missing in the question and if question is right then it's a puzzle as it does not matter how much is taken to complete a round the displacement of a circular path is zero so d=0
And the distance will be ..
31.4 cm of 1 round
for 5 round=31.4*5
157 cm


Displacement-0 cm
            31.4 cm of 1 round
for 5 round=31.4*5
                 157 cm
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Displacement is zero as it reaches the same point.
distance=2πr (circumference)
=31.4 m for 1 round            (2 min 30 sec=2*60 sec+30 sec=150 sec)
30 sec----->31.4 m
150 sec---->?  Let it be x
x=157 m
In 2 min 30 sec,it travels 157 m distance in 5 rounds.
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