Now a days, with major problems of water pollution, it has become utterly important to conserve water. Declining water level , Rainless months are all a serious threat to us.
Here are a few methods , I myself practice and would like others to devise too, so that we can conserve more water . -

i) while brushing you teeth, always close the tap. This practice can save around 1 - 2 litres of water every morning.

ii) try re-using water. For example- you can water your plants with the water you used to wash vegetables etc.

iii) when outside your house, if you ever see an open tap and water getting wasted, close it immediately. Remember hundreds of house hold live in scarcity of water, saving this water can lead to their betterment.

iv) Never throw away water, it'll always find a use. For example - if you have some amount of water left in your bottle and are about to throw it, think twice, you can use the water  to water your plants, to wash your hands , for water painting and many more such purposes.

Remember every drop counts!
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