Human capital or Human resource is the greatest resource any country or area can ever have.
A doctor , a teacher , an engineer and a tailor , all serve the society with their services and hence are important assets to our society.

A doctor treats the ill and suffering people and relieves them of their diseases. A doctor helps the people of an area to stay healthy and comfortable. Also with the help of doctor only we've been able to increase the life expectancy in our country, which has empowered our country in quite many ways.

A teacher makes and furnishes the future citizens of the country.
" Future of the country is made in the classroom. "
Its teacher who shapes tomorrow's people. They have a great contribution in shaping any country and its society.

An engineer in many ways too. New software and hard wares are all their creation. Be it buildings , malls , stations or a new operating system. Engineer are one of the prime contributors in development of a country.

A tailor too is a asset to the society in his own ways. Bringing out new dressing styles, fashions and trends too is an important part of our lives. Dressing too is important for our societies.
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