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It is hard to post the whole project here, so I'm gonna give you some tips and explain how to do it well.

- Remember that in any kind of informative project, what matters the most is clear and well-presented message. That is why you should start with coming up with the message you're planning on conveing to people looking at your project. For example:        
                       It's our duty to protect the natural resources 

- Having the hypothesis, you should research the topic and decide what you'd like to include in your project. Talking about natural resources, it seems just logical to split your project into smaller parts, each describing a different type of a resource. We will focus on: water, timber, ore, coal, fossil fuels. 

- Think what you'd like to talk about in each section. The project's theme concentrates around a locality so we should probably think about how a particular type of a resource is utilized in your community. Before that though, it's good to give a general, worldwide info about the topic, so then, you could compare it to the local data. Try to answer the following questions: 
        1. How much of <resource> is used in the world / your community?
        2. How much of it is estimated to be left in the world?
        3. What is it normally used for in the world / your community?
        4. How much of it is wasted in the world / your community?
        5. How could you prevent it from being wasted?^*

^* Give a couple of examples, like 2~4 because it is the main point of your project. Try to present it with pictures or drawings. 

- Finish your project with your own estimation about the future of the natural resources and how their loss can influence the whole world, should we be worried? Think if the counter-measures you presented can help to change that situation for better. 

^{tip} Illustrate your project with appropriate pictures, try to show the most with them, avoid putting too much text if you're supposed to present it orally. 

I hope it will help you :) 

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