Water is an important part of our life. It is water which keeps us alive today. If u look closely there is a endless list on how to use water. But then you start imagining "What happens if water isn't in our planet?" " If there was no water on Earth?" 

Water is so precious, once its used, its forgotten. Most of the people think there is plenty of water on Earth. When you look at Earth in pictures it is most parts of it is blue.  Did you ever know that 70% of the water we see in the pictures is saltwater???  Seawater cannot be used for many purposes such as taking a bath or shower, washing your clothes and food, or drinking, even if we filter it.  And only 30% of water is only left. 29% is under the ground or is totally frozen in the mountains. Only 1% is fit for human use. So we must use water carefully and conserve water.