You can briefly describe each member using simple sentences. 
ex- their age, nationality, profession, the place where they live, etc.
ex- about your mother.
1) elle s'appelle mme. (mme stands fir mrs. whereas m. stands for mr.) ___ -> her name.
2) elle a 40 ans. -> her age.
3) elle habite en inde. -> the country in which she lives.
4) elle est indien. -> her nationality.
5) elle est une professeur. -> profession.
6) elle est tres belle et gentille.
7) elle aime jouent tennis. -> the sports she likes to play.
8) elle a belle yeux. -> beautiful eyes. 
9) elle a cheveux bruns. -> brown hair.
10) j'aime ma mere beaucoup!

I've done the same topic previously and so you can completely rely on the information. 
hope you find it useful. happy to help. :))

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