Detailed information about the methods of British expansion in India like -
>> Outright Wars
>> Subsidiary Alliance
>> Doctrine of Lapse
>> Alleged Misrule
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The system of subsidiary alliance was introduced by Lord Richard Wellesley

The main principles of a subsidiary alliance were:An Indian ruler entering into a subsidiary alliance with the British had to accept British forces within his territory and also agreed to pay for their maintenance.The ruler would accept a British Resident in his state.An Indian ruler who entered into a subsidiary alliance would not enter into any further alliance with any other power, nor would he declare war against any power without the permission of the British.The ruler would not employ any Europeans other than the British, and if he were already doing so, he would dismiss them.In case of a conflict with any other state, he would agree the resolution decided upon by the British.The ruler would acknowledge the East India Company as the paramount power in India.In return for the ruler accepting its conditions, the Company undertook to protect the state from external dangers and internal disorders.If the Indian rulers failed to make the payments required by the alliance, then part of their territory was to be taken away as a pena

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