Earth is planet in solar system
sun is one of the largest star which belongs to solar system
moon is the satellite of earth 
pluto is now refered as a meteor but once as a planet
rocket is a man made machine to travel space
galaxy is a wide range of space which includes many groups of stars and planets 
jupiter is the largest planet of solar system which has lesser density than water
star is a hevenly body which contains mosty hydrogen
satelite can be both natural and artificial that revolves around a planet
Galaxy is a cluster of heavenly bodies,stars& satellites.
star is a gas giant composed of gasses mainly hydrogen which converts into helium.
Sun is the largest star in the solar system . it is also the closest star to earth.
Earth , Pluto ,Jupiter are heavenly bodies that revolve around the sun.
moon is the natural satellite of earth.
rocket is a man made object sent for exploring space