The government need to be structural design to carry out its entire features 
the government have a plan for the future on where it want civilization to be in the near or distinct future 
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features means parts or organs
so you want parts of gov
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A parliamentary government is a system of politics where government is drawn from Parliament and is accountable to Parliament. In other words, the government has no seperate authority from that of Parliament. 
One feature is the Parliament is the main source of all political authority, that may only be exercised through the athorisation of Parliament. 
Another feature is that government must be drawn fromParliament - eithe the Commons or Lords. Therefore, all members of the government must also be members of one of the two houses. There is also no strict seperation of powers between that of the legislation and that of the executive. Instead there is a form of fused power between the government and the legislature. Government must also be accountable to Parliament
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