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1.Some cite this as evidence that t rex was a scavenger
We will cite only the following brief statistics from an old physician of a neighboring town.
The protesters cite potential adverse environmental effects on water and agriculture.
Perry has been more than willing to cite higher authority in his campaign for the nation's highest office
Critics of wage subsidies usually cite two drawbacks, they distort incentives and they are expensive.
6.No, say officials, who cite two sets of reasons for the rate cuts.
7.Few cybercrime surveys cite the methodology they used.
They also cite some of the limitations of their findings, such as the small sample size.
9.While calling the author a blockhead, you don't cite one study or paper to back up your claim.
It is also interesting you should also cite dolphins in your observation.
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Historians who deplore the abundance of of political generals sometimes cite an anecdote to mock the process.
this report cites another example  which is perhaps more closely related to our discussion.
the source was cited in the bibilography and i am anxious to add this information to my pile reading 
up until now, i have cited the reference just once 
smoke  was cited as a major factor for global warming
cited in the documents are the property addresses and their respective owners .

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