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Music is composed on seven notes namely: CDEFGAB. There are two "scales" of music; the Major Scale (CDEFGAB) and Minor Scale (ABCDEFG). Western composition is written on a series of  five lines called staves.

There are many kinds of many kinds of notes classified on duration. First is "Semibreve" which is Four beats. Then is "Minim" which is Two beats. Then "Crotchet" which is One beat. Then it is "Quaver" which is half a beat. Then comes "Semiquaver" which is a quarter beat.

On the stave there are clef's up first . On a regular piano there are two clefs namely Bass and Treble Clef. Next to the clef is the time signature. There are many time signatures like 4/4,2/4,3/4,6/8,3/8 etc. The time signature states how many beats should be there in a bar. A bar is a group of beats. Then comes the notes. 
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