1.Cutting trees: Cutting trees in the forest causes deforestation, as well as other problems. Like, when the trees are cut, the birds and animals which used to get food and shelter from the trees will ran away to elsewhere, in search of food and shelter. For this, many plants, birds and animals are being lost from the earth or extinct.And the forest turns into a dry,and barren land. Sometimes, also a desert.

2. HuntingHunting in the forest also causes some rare species of animals and birds are being destroyed. So therefore, hunting in the forest can also mean hunting down the forest and its wildlife. Hunting down the animals will also mean the complete destruction of wildlife.

3. Pollution: Pollution also means a disaster for the wildlife. Pollution of water,air and ground causes very much effects upon the animals and birds.

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1) Cutting of trees

2) Killing of animals

3) Storage of  food

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