Kabeer is a shy, timid boy who does not have a natural flair for speech, but he is definitely a person who feels deeply about the happenings around him. The terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26th November 2008 had touched him deeply and therefore when his class teacher MRS.Reeta Baruah gave an assignment to prepare a speech on what they wanted to grow up to be, Kabeer mentioned people like Major Sandeep Unikrishnan, Vishnu Dattaram Zende, Vijay salaskar, Karambir Singh Kang, Ashok Kamte, Sandra Samuel and Chotu chaiwala. These people had fought against the terrorists and guided the innocent to safety and helped the trapped and the wounded. Kabeer felt that if he could grow up to be like them, then his life would get some meaning.
Unlike other children who wanted to be sports stars, politicians, social worker etc., Kabeer wanted to emulate characteristics which would make him a good human being in true sense of the term. His dream was not to earn money and fame but to be a better human being.
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Kabeer is the protagonist of the frame story.he is presented as a school boy ,an extrovert student who is brilliant academically.he is little shy and is not accustomed to speaking aloud before the entire class.
he is a dilligent student and had worked hard on his assignments.the facts and details that he had collected show his devotion to the task.he is a keen observer. at his age,other children seek inspiration from well known actors,sport stars,politicians,etc,who are the obvious heroes.kabeer was a class apart from those of his generation.he had minutely observed the 26/11 tragedy and drew inspiration from the lives of the unsung heroes of the terrorist attacks  on Mumbai.
though he was hesitant in speaking before the class,he made a good presentation.his speech reveals his ability as an effective writer and a good he spoke, he held everyone's attention.he succeeded in evoking the emotions of his class mates and his teacher.

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