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Food spoilage is a process in which microscopic bacteria starts to multiply and feed on unprotected food. It's inevitable, especiallly if you leave your food out in the open. There are some particular ways helpful in preventing food from spoilage such as:

Refrigeration and freezing
Refrigerators set below 5^oC should prevent pathogenic bacteria from uncontrolled grotwh. The problem is that most of the refrigerators are unable to prevent the growth completely. You have to be sure that all your food is safe, so check it every day - especially meat. The best way to store food is freezing. Just be sure that your freezer is set to at least
-10^oC, remove as much air from the container as possible and close the freezer. In case of power outage, do not open the door, instead, be sure to have an external thermometer in order to monitor the temperature inside. 

Bacteria need moisture, oxygen and the proper temperature range in order to multiply. On of the preservation methods is dehydration - removing moisture from food in order to make it more resistant to spoilage. For that, you need low humidity place and a heat source. There are two basic things you can do: 
1. Set an oven to warm, put the food inside and leave the door open.
2. Use an actual food dehydrator.
The food needs to be heated to about 60^oC. Remember that good circulation of dey air will help with drawing the moisture out of the food. Dehydration also makes foods lighter, smaller and easier to store and transport.

High-acid food can also be stored using a traditional process called canning. It works best for vegetables and fruit. Canning requires putting food in a jar, closing the lid and boiling the whole thing in water. Spoilage bacteria are killed in the process there's a vacuum seal created around the jar lid. It's good to take your time while boiling just to be sure all the bacteria are dead. At the same time, you need to be sure that all of your jars are tightly closed. If it opens too easily, you have to check whether the food is ok, because you might be exposed to Botulism.
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